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Catch up on current events; stay updated on developing stories while also hearing from those newsmakers making headlines as well as listeners affected by the stories.

We have a number of regular features focusing on keeping audiences up to speed on local and international stories, including The World View.


The morning belt comes with varieties of programs

* Here we have varieties of programs from “The Buzz”. Discussing reality TV shows around the world especially Big Brother Naija Season 6

The Secret Hotline

Our listeners divulge their deepest and darkest secrets. To leave your own secrets for a future show, call us today. A wide ranging discussion program with the gang.

Family Time, a discussion about issues affecting parents and their children. Subjects range from building trust to managing anger. How to deal with anxiety and anger. Required listening for parents wanting to make the most of their parental roles.

Get ready to listen to several relationship and love shows we have, listen to the truth behind successful relationships, getting into the mind of men and women, and finding out how they think.

Learn the 101 on how to have the best relationships, and everything to do with love, while enjoying a good laugh and being fully entertained with our delightful presenters.

Yellow Card, “slap” “kick” anyone that has offended you, call the studio line and rant!!!

This is an extremely funny show!

The gang will go through a lot of calls and messages .

The Brothers

A program for the guys, discuss anything to anything. “Mad” show!

Fact of the Day

Do you know of or have you recently learned an interesting fact! We will share so much with you.